Struss Amplifiers

Struss Amplifiers Company is a Polish manufacturer of audio amplifiers, that has over 20 years of experience in constructing and manufacturing of high-end products. The chief designer and founder of the company gained his considerable experience during many years spent working at an institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he was involved in small signal processing. Currently the team consists of audio enthusiasts, whose main goal is to create amplifiers that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding audiophiles.


Numerous awards in professional journals as well as a large community of satisfied customers demonstrate the exceptional quality of Struss amplifiers.

Unique solutions

All structures of the amplifiers in the Struss R-series are based on the concept of "dual mono". All of the components used to build the amplifier are cutting-edge technological achievements. The unique solutions ensure that the amplifiers manufactured by Struss Amplifiers do not produce any of the known dynamic distortions.

From manufacturing to industrial production

In 2011 Struss Amplifiers Company changed its owner. This brought many changes in the previous functioning of the company. One of the most important changes is the implementation of the industrial production. This has led to the highest standards as well as full manufacture repeatability of the new generation of the Struss R-series amplifiers.

The Struss R550 Amplifier
The Struss R150 Amplifier
The Struss Chopin Amplifier
The Struss M3 Amplifier

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