Struss R150 Amplifier

The Struss R150 offers an extremely dynamic and detailed sound, while still natural and without the distortions associated with transistor devices The sound of the amplifier together with a well-matched system is full, complete and beautiful. The entire acoustic channel was realized using the JFET and HEXFET technology, which allowed elimination of bipolar transistors and the associated distortions.

The classic look of the Struss R150 contains many elements in common with the highest model of the Struss amplifiers, the R500 (colours, knobs, etc.), ensuring the consistency of the Struss Amplifiers Company products.

The top quality built in headphone amplifier constitutes a high value added for our customers. This headphone amplifier utilises an independent channel (Class A) with a separate power supply, JFET technology and a complementary output.

The Struss R150 amplifier is produced industrially in a factory with numerous quality control certificates. This means high standards as well as full manufacture repeatability.

As the Struss Amplifiers team we are fully convinced that this amplifier will constitute a great attraction for our customers in its price range.


Power RMS/Music: 2 x 150 W/8 Ω, 2 x 280 W/4 Ω (DIN 45500)
Minimum load: 1 Ω (momentary)
Output impedance: 0,1 Ω
Distortions - THD: 0,25 % with a power of 1 W/8 Ω, 0,015 % of the power of 140 W/8 Ω load
Frequency Response: 2 Hz - 300 kHz +/- 0,5 dB/ 1 W/ 8 Ω
Dynamic Range: 145 dB
S/N ratio: 150 dB (IHF - A)
Inputs: 4 x Universal - RCA, XLR (balanced), separated CD - RCA voltage output for external devices
Inputs sensivity: 500 mV - line inputs (5), 250 mV - XLR inputs
Inputs impedance: 50 kΩ line and CD inputs, 22 kΩ XLR inputs
Potentiometer (volume): the highest, precise model of Alps Company - Blue Velvet
Transformers: 2 x toroidal, magnetically and electrostatically isolated, power 350 VA each
Security system: advanced against short-circuiting of the speakers and the appearance of the output voltage
Indication of "peak": approaching the maximum output
Remote control: RC5 code (volume)
Power consumption: 40 VA - 800 VA (peak)
Work in Class A: 2 x 10 W
The R150 amplifier meets all the requirements and standards applicable in the EU.
Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months
Net weight: 16 kg
Dimensions: 430 x 95 x 338 mm


Output voltage: up to 6 V
Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 0,5 dB (1V/600 Ω)
Output noise: up to 10 μV - broadband measure
Dynamic Range: 135 dB
Potentiometer (volume): the highest, precise model of BOURNS company
Distortions - THD: 1 V/64 Ω - 0,05 %
Load impedance (the headphones range): 24 - 600 Ω
Is an independent headphone amplifier circuit (Class A) with a separate power supply, JFET technology, complementary output.

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